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Nate Luongo, LCSW-C
Therapist, Practice Owner

Nate is a husband, father, and former collegiate athlete who has dedicated his life to helping people find their way through therapy. For years Nate invested his time in assisting young men and their loved ones in the growth process of therapy. This has given him a front row seat to some truly spectacular life changes. Talking isn’t for everyone and he gets that. Nate likes to incorporate non-traditional tools into therapy to make it easier for his clients to talk and express themselves.


Nate received his graduate degree from Columbia University where he specialized in the mental health treatment of adolescents, adults and their families. During his graduate training, Nate began to hone his therapy skills working with at risk teens and families. Since the completion of his graduate degree, Nate has worked as a therapist, supervisor and clinical director in organizations that specialize in the treatment of adults, adolescents and families.


Nate often utilizes the skills that he learned in his advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), for clients who are struggling with depression or anxiety. Some of the other common issues that Nate treats include trauma, substance use, ADHD, and family/couples conflict. Nate has a passion for working with people who find themselves in a difficult place and assisting them through the healing process. 

  • How much does therapy cost?
    50 minute Therapy Sessions: $180 - $200 75 minute Intake Assessments: $270 - $280 60 minute offsite “walk and talk sessions”: $230 - $250
  • Do you take insurance?
    At this time, The Calming Mind is not in-network with any insurance carriers.
  • How long can I expect to be in therapy?
    To be effective, therapy must be goal driven and time limited. Length of treatment is dependent on factors that are specific to each person and what they're going through. At the beginning of treatment, we work together to mutually agreed upon goals that help to guide us in therapy. We also use validated scales throughout treatment to measure and track symptoms. Our clients typically begin seeing progress by their sixth session.
  • Can I do both in-person and virtual sessions?
    Therapy is meant to be "client-centered", meaning that it should help support each person's goals and in the way that they feel most comfortable. At The Calming Mind, we provide both teletherapy and in-person therapy out of our Bethesda office. We can adjust your treatment plan to utilize the benefits of both teletherapy and in-person sessions to aid in your progress. We recommend discussing your preferences with your therapist to help create the most effective treatment plan for you.
  • Do you use evidence-based interventions?
    Yes! Our staff is extensively trained in the most effective evidence-based therapy models for adolescents, adults, and their families. Each therapist has his/her speciality that they use to best help their clients accomplish their goals. Some of the therapy models that we use at The Calming Mind include, ACT, CBT, EFT, and EMDR.
  • What is different about your approach?
    Therapy is meant to be transparent and useful, and that is why The Calming Mind is dedicated towards using evidence-based interventions and teaching each client the necessary skills and strategies so that they can use them on their own. Our goal is for you to become your own therapist over time, by becoming better attuned with yourself, learning what strategies work for you, and engaging the resources that we create together. Therapy is not meant to be a one size fits all approach and this is why our staff has dedicated itself to being life-long learners to provide the best care to our clients.
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