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Young Family


You may find your family stuck in unhealthy patterns and things do not seem to be going the way they used to. Or, someone in the family has been feeling that they have been treated unfairly for a long time and been labeled ‘the problem child’. These and many others are issues that The Calming Mind hears about often and these unhealthy patterns can continue months and even years before reaching a point where something else needs to be done. Reaching out for help can be a difficult decision, but the choice to seek family therapy will allow for you and your family to address these problem areas head on so that there can be improvement over time.

Family therapy is the most effective way to address issues that are affecting multiple issues of the family. The Calming Mind takes a ‘systems approach’ to family therapy; meaning that problems that arise within a family are not one or two people’s fault, rather there is something that is going on with the entire family system that needs to be addressed. When doing family therapy, The Calming Mind addresses the entire family as the patient and recognizes relational and communication patterns that are weak and work to improve them with the entire family. Family therapy sessions are typically 75 minute sessions to accommodate each family member’s voice. Regular family sessions are often recommended when working with a young person whose concerns affect the family system. These are great opportunities to collaborate and continue to build strong relational patterns for future growth.

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