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Parent Coaching

Parents sometimes need a little help of their own when their child is struggling with their mental health. This is where parent coaching comes in! It’s not quite therapy and it’s certainly not being lectured to on how you SHOULD parent.

Parent coaching is a collaborative effort between the therapist and parents that’s meant to strategize and implement techniques that can help accelerate progress made in therapy. The Calming Mind utilizes a 4,2,1 approach to create and sustain change. This is meant to create new strategizes and taper off sessions over time as you are using and implementing these new techniques.


Let’s break it down! 4 sessions in the first month of treatment (four weeks), 2 sessions a month over the next two months, and then once a month sessions for the remainder of treatment. The plan may change depending upon your needs, but we’ve found this strategy to be most beneficial for the parents that we work with.

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