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Men's Mental Health

Men struggle with their mental health silently and suffer at the highest rate.

Globally on average one man dies by suicide every minute. In the United States three out of four suicides are men, yet men seek out mental health treatment at a rate nearly half than that of women.

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So, what can we do?

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The Calming Mind is dedicated to improving the lives of men through solution focused therapy. Starting therapy often is the most difficult part of the process, it can feel intimidating and there can often be questions of doubt. The narrative of therapy has often been one that highlights that therapy will be never ending. If you feel this way then please make sure to find someone who will give you an idea. Complicated struggles such as trauma can often take years to overcome, however this does not mean that you will feel the intense emotions from the trauma throughout this time.

We can change the narrative.

Our practice was created to focus on this specific need and help men of all ages overcome the obstacles that they face on an individual level.

Our goal is to provide each client with practical strategies that help them to cope with the struggles that they are facing.

Contact us to learn more about our men's group: Communicating With My Partner 101.

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Talk. Take action earlier.

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