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Once again, Nate Luongo, LCSW-C is participating in Movember to help raise awareness to the unique mental health needs of men. Movember is the leading charity focused on improving Men's Health, but more specifically mental, prostate, and testicular health. Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and

struggling in silence. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), in the United States men die by suicide 3.63x more often than females. Men are also seeking mental health treatment less frequently than women, according to a 2020 study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Movember is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030 by increasing access to treatment and raising awareness to this problem.

Over this month, Nate will be raising money that will directly go towards mental health initiatives for men. In addition, he will be growing a mustache in an effort to raise awareness and create more conversations about men's mental health.

If you're interested in participating, go to or you can donate to Nate's page HERE.


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